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Register a Candidate Committee



As soon as an individual becomes a "candidate" under Michigan’s Campaign Finance Act, P.A. 388 of 1976, as amended, he or she has 10 calendar days to form a Candidate Committee. After the committee’s formation date, the candidate has an additional 10 calendar days to register the committee. A candidate registers a Candidate Committee by filing a Statement of Organization form with his or her filing official. A person becomes a candidate under the Campaign Finance Act on the date he or she:

• files a nominating petition, a filing fee or an affidavit of candidacy; or

• receives a contribution or makes an expenditure, or gives consent to someone else to receive a contribution or make an expenditure with a view to bringing about the individual’s nomination or election to an elective office; or

• is nominated for an elective office by a political party caucus or convention.

Candidates exempted from Statement of Organization Filing Requirements:

• A candidate who seeks a precinct delegate position is not required to file a Statement of Organization.

• A candidate who seeks a school board position in a school district with a pupil membership count of 2,400 or less AND receives or spends $1,000.00 or less for the election is not required to file a Statement of Organization.

NOTE:The information contained on the statement of Organization must be kept up-to-date. If a change in the information takes place, An Amended Statement of Organization must be filed no later than the due date of the first Campaign Statement required of the committee after the change.


Offices that file with the County Clerk's Office:

• A candidate for a county, city, township, village, public school board , community college board or other local elective office is required to file two 

copies of this form with the clerk of the county in which the candidate resides.

EXCEPTION: A local candidate whose district crosses county boundaries is required to file two copies of this form with clerk of the county where the 

greatest number of voters eligible to vote on the office resides.

Offices that file with the Michigan Department of State's Bureau of Elections:

• A candidate for Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, State Senate, State Representative, State Board of Education, University of Michigan Regent, Michigan State University Trustee, Wayne State University Governor, Michigan Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, Circuit Court, District Court, Probate Court and Municipal Court is required to file two copies of this form with the Michigan Department of State, Bereau of Elections, Post Office Box 20126, Lansing Michigan 48901-0726. Office location: Richard H. Austin Building, 1st Floor, 430 Wet Allegan Street, Lansing Michigan 48918. Phone: (517)373-2540.


Type or clearly print in ink all information requested on the Statement of Organization form. Each entry on the form is discussed below.

Note: If filing an Original Statement of Organization, all fields preceded with an * are required fields.

  ITEM 1: On the original Statement of Organization, leave this item blank. An identification number will be assigned to the committee by the filing official. If an identification number has been assigned to the committee, enter it in Item 1.

*ITEM 2: Indicate whether this is an original Statement of Organization filing or an Amendment to a Statement of Organization already on file. On an Amendment, list the number of the Item(s) affected and the date the change took place. Item 1, Item 3, Item 14 and all affected items(s) are required fields on an Amendment.

  ITEM 3: Enter the committee’s official name. The committee name must include the candidate’s first and last name.

  ITEM 4a: Enter the Candidate’s full name: last name, first name and middle initial, if any.

  ITEM 4b: If the office sought by the candidate is a partisan office, enter the candidate’s party affiliation.

  ITEM 4c: Enter the candidate’s county of residence.

  ITEM 4d: Enter the name of the office sought by the candidate.

  ITEM 4e: Enter the district number or jurisdiction (name of county, city, township, village or school district ) served by the office.

  ITEM 5: Enter the date the committee was formed. This form must be received by your filing official within 10 calendar days after the committee’s formation date. A late filing fee of $10.00 per business day is assessed if this form is filed late.

  ITEM 6a: Enter the committee’s telephone number.

  ITEM 6b: Enter the committee’s fax number.

  ITEM 6c: Enter the committee’s e-mail address.

  ITEM 6d: Enter the committee’s website address.

  ITEM 7a: Enter the committee’s mailing address. A post office box is acceptable. All mail from the filing official will be directed to the committee’s mailing address.

  ITEM 7b: Enter the committee’s street address. A post office box is not acceptable. (List the candidate’s or treasurer’s home address if no other address is available.)

  ITEM 8: Enter the full name (last name, first name, middle initial), mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address of the committee’s treasurer. The candidate may serve as the committee’s treasurer. A committee treasurer must be listed in this item.

  ITEM 9: Enter the full name (last name, first name, middle initial) telephone number and e-mail address of the designated record keeper, if the committee has one. This is the person, other than the treasurer, who will be responsible for the committee’s records and Campaign Statement filings. If the committee’s treasurer will personally handle these responsibilities, leave this item blank. A person designated in this item may sign Campaign Statements in place of the treasurer, but does not have the authority to sign a Statement of Organization form in place of the treasurer.

  ITEM 10: $1,000.00 Reporting Waiver Request.

  • Select "YES, I/We WANT TO APPLY FOR THE REPORTING WAIVER" on item 10 if the committee does not expect to receive or spend more than  $1,000 for any single election. The Committee does not owe Pre, Post, Quarterly and Annual       Campaign Statements as long as the Committee does not receive or spend more than $1000. This Option must be selected to obtain the Reporting Waiver.

  • Select "NO, I/We DO NOT WANT TO APPLY FOR THE REPORTING WAIVER" on item 10 if the committee expects to receive or expend in excess of $1,000 in an election. This means that the committee owes Pre, Post, Quarterly and Annual Campaign Statements even if the committee does not spend or receive in excess of $1,000 in an election.

  ITEM 11: Enter the name and address of the Michigan bank, savings and loan association or credit union that the committee now uses, intends to use or would use as its "official depository". While this item must be completed, an account does not have to be opened until the first contribution is received.  Enter the name and addresses of any "secondary depositories" the committee uses or intends to use. A secondary depository may be used only for the deposit of contributions; it may not be used for committee expenditures. (Refer to manual for Bingo exception.)

  ITEM 12: Applies to gubernatorial candidates only.

  ITEM 13: Read this section carefully and check the appropriate box. Committees filing with the county clerks office, skip to Item 14.

  ITEM 14: Enter names where indicated. This form must be signed and dated by both the candidate and the committee’s treasurer. If the candidate is serving as the committee’s treasurer, the candidate signs once on the line for the candidate’s signature. The record keeper needs to sign and date this form if campaign statements are to be filed electronically. Committee's filing electronically must provide signature of the designated record keeper for this purpose only.

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